Is it the right time to buy a home?

The slump that the housing market has seen in the past several months has created a lot of confusion concerning whether the current real estate environment presents a great opportunity to purchase homes or is better left alone until it picks up economic momentum. Expert investors are very contested on the issue, with groups forming sides that correspond to both sides of the question, “Is now the right time to buy?”

The issue revolves around the recent mortgage crisis that has caused a surge of foreclosures which have managed to flood the market with new homes. With a swelling number of homes available for sale, property values have dropped significantly and continue to do so while more people struggle with meeting their mortgage payments. Despite the negative elements and provided you have access to various mortgages, this situation is like a cloud with silver lining; the dropping prices of homes means that, for a lot of people — especially those new to the real estate scene or young couples looking to possess their first home — buying a home now is cheaper than it has been in years.

However, with the loan businesses wary during these troubling times, securing a loan to afford a home now can be a very tricky or outright difficult effort, especially if you don’t have the greatest credit. So, with these conflicting aspects of the real estate landscape, when would be a good time to finally go out and buy that new home?

The optimistic experts believe that the current circumstances present a great opportunity to find outstanding property at rock-bottom prices. If you possess good credit and you plan to stay in a home for a few years, then purchasing a home now is a wonderful way to take advantage of the low costs of ownership while maintaining a solid investment that will pay off for years to come. Although the prices may drop lower in the future, they believe that, over time, the differences in price won’t make much of a difference when you consider just how much you are saving already. Furthermore, if you can manage to find and establish a low interest rate right now, then you’ll be able to save a considerable amount of money when house values climb again.

The more skeptical experts don’t agree with that assessment, however. Many of them believe that the current circumstances are only the beginning of the slump that has defined real estate for 2018, and that these financially downtrodden times will only continue to lower the value of homes, a possibility that will make buying a home in the future a remarkably better deal.

In fact, they believe that home prices are still relatively high. The housing boom of the past several years has contributed to doubling or even tripling the value of homes, creating an environment of extremely expensive, valuable properties that can stand to lose plenty of value before becoming a truly good deal.

Prices are also still adjusted to what people expect their homes to sell for based on the values given a couple of years ago. As these people realize that their homes aren’t going to sell for their initial estimates, they’ll be more willing to drop the prices even further and present an even remarkable opportunity to find a home at a fantastic deal.

Whatever the differences may be between the experts, one thing they all agree on is that while homes are cheaper than they’ve been in years, loans are harder to obtain and there are stricter requirement for getting a mortgage. Buying a home now may be cheap, but it may not be easy.

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